Couch Notes- Year 23

Solomon Nzere
4 min readDec 31, 2023

The early parts of this review-ish were formed on a random weekday when I felt empty. So I called Focus to ask if she was around. That’s one of the blessings of adulthood—friends in the same neighbourhood. You can walk over without calendar invites and reminders, just like the ease of university friendships where everyone was one bike trip away.

I felt better with one bottle of Zobo and 6 laps through a quiet street. I was complaining about how shit the year was and she disagreed, 2 minutes later, we were listing out milestones and stuff that happened this year. It was a reminder that ( don’t take this seriously fgs) through the shit, we must always make room to see the stars 😂.

Top 5 Highlights

I started actively saving this year. Despite what my Chowdeck review says (Top 1%), I didn’t entirely eat my future. For someone with a track record of financial indiscipline. I am quite proud of myself. Shoutout to my Ajo people for not running away with the money.

I got promoted this year. Good ego boost. It felt like my work mattered and the people I worked with thought I could be counted on.

Also spent 1 year working somewhere for the first time. Had a fantatic manager and a team that really helped me settle in without drowning. Before this, the most time I had spent at a company was ten months. In an interview, I joked about this and said 10 was my lucky number. Of course, they did not call me back!

David my sweet boy turned 1

Had a lot of great meet-ups and parties (Not office Hours + roftoop with Korie+ Breakfast with Odogwu & FF ) Shout out to KK’s birthday party. It’s how we typically mark the year. We remember things before KK’s big day and after.

*Reconnected with a friend after 4 years.
*God saved me from being robbed in Bariga

Top 5 Lowlights

I lost my job 😭. Truly humbling experience

I was exhausted for most of the year. Spent months working without a break. Reminder to take a break every couple of months.

I was a piece of shit friend and didn’t step in to resolve conflict when I could have. I will no longer be passive in conflict. Also started doing random lunch dates with friends I haven't seen in a bit. Hope to continue this next year.

My house got flooded 3+ times. At times I got tired and I would sleep in the night when I heard my neighbours packing water. Next year, it's Gbagada or Canada IJN.

Felt empty and purposeless for the better part of the year.

What will you do with this one life of yours?

That‘s the one question I have tried to answer this year. I don’t have clarity about the next course of my life or the next decade for a start. The entire year was just spent grinding. There was nothing to aspire to or look forward to. I spent a little too much time with my brother on the phone trying to figure out what my next act is and how to get there. The last couple of days have provided some quiet and I have been reading and writing my goals for the year.

Feyi’s wedding was a major highlight. Shoutout to Otiga for dragging me outside for most of the year

It is still very foggy but next year I am committed to not overthinking myself into stagnation. I will move. I might fail but I will not be static. So help me God.

*Finished a planning session with Lara and the message is clear. In motion, we will find clarity.


Concluding this piece with OBJ’s birthday message which mirrors my prayers for the new year, a quote from a conversation with Zainab and a quote from KK’s Instagram.

Praying you the most beautiful new year, Solomon.

That you know God more and so, you see yourself as He sees you. Loved. Accepted. Helped.

That your vision is clear, help is abundant and you have the courage to shine your light.

Also, that you remember to acknowledge and celebrate your wins. Because they really are wins.

Rooting for youuuuuu!