For Tolu

Solomon Nzere
4 min readSep 20, 2022

This post is 3 years late. Every time I have tried to start it. I have abandoned it at the first line. It is incredibly difficult to describe something sturdy, steady and sure like our friendship. Love is easier. You can wax lyrical about feelings, fire and all that stuff.

But today, you’re turning into an elderly person pro max and it’s a reminder that I have limited time before we are flat mates in an old people’s home.

I think it is the hallmark of great friendships that the beginning of the friendship becomes hazy. But we have agreed to say it started on that walk from class to campus gate where we spoke about everything.

From then on, it has been an exciting blur to be honest, filled with more long walks, fruit cake, fish stew, your five songs playlist, demon drama and belief.

Belief that rubs off on everyone around you. Somehow, impossible is always a suggestion and I have watched so many people see themselves differently in your eyes and go on to do truly remarkable things because you helped them see it first.

I want you to know that they see you the same way. To us, you’re special. You’re spectacular. You are one of a kind!

Korie- “being your friend is ease. it’s like speeding through 3rd mainland bridge with a military escort when everyone else in lagos is stuck in traffic. it’s exciting to be able to say “tolu dada is my guy.” because on some days it means i can complain to you on long distance calls, on other days i can gas you up when i see pictures on deluxe — on my best days, i get calls from dispatch because tfunds has sent a package from oxford.

you’re a breath of fresh london air. you’re complete — a friend, a child’s future godmother and whatever else you’d like to be. you’re one of the few people on earth God created with the ability to be everything. this is why your success never surprises me. on days that force you to read the conclusion to that viral medium post — i always chuckle and say the same thing “it’s their loss, never yours.” 25, and the world is yours. i love you tolu”

Malo- “When one says “I’m glad you’re my friend” to anyone, you can often feel the sincerity behind it. It’s undeniably loaded, embodying shared values, memories, and a visible level of growth. I means, I’m grateful for the moment I decided to become friends with this person — or realised that I had become one. Whatever universal forces made our paths cross did me a favour. And in our case, while the ever-looming negative force called the Nigerian government keeps expediting the physical separation of friends and family, we still dey. We cannot but dey.

“I’ll be taking photo credit for this, thank you very much.”

One of your many superpowers is how much you inspire those around you, in the seemingly little things and the apparently grander ones. How you make them see that you care about their happiness and you want to see them experience it.

You’re a force of nature, and it’s more than obvious that you’re barely even started, and I simply cannot fucking wait to see all that the future holds.

I’m glad you’re my friend, Tolu, and I look forward to having more wonderful conversations and moments; whether it’s you scolding me for having poor sleep patterns or your many many failed attempts at banter (an area which I don’t see you improving).”


I had seen this picture weeks ago on Twitter and I made a mental note to send it to you because it describes how you are in friendships. You have grown in love to me and the people around you, forgiving quickly,, speaking the truth in love and riding hard for your people. My prayer for #25 is that all this love comes back to you. May people show you grace, kindness and selfless love. The way you do so selflessly.

Happy birthday my aspiring bad bitch and fellow elderly person.

Love Always.